G.Skill DIMM 16 GB DDR4-3000 Kit, RAM

G.Skill DIMM 16 GB DDR4-3000 Kit, RAM

SKU Style No. : 17242
Κωδικός Προϊόντος:G.Skill DIMM 16 GB DDR4-3000 Kit
Διαθεσιμότητα:4 - 6 Ημέρες
Τιμή: 225,00€
Ποσότητα:     - Ή -   Επιθυμητό Σύγκριση

Item No. IEIGGR22 
Manufacturer Part No .: F4-3000C16D-16GTZR 
EAN: 4719692015457

EAN 4719692015457
Manufacturer no. F4-3000C16D-16GTZR
series Trident Z RGB
capacity 16 GB (2 x 8.192 MB)
modules number 2 pieces
  assembly bilaterally
design DIMM
connection 288-pin
tension 1:35 volts (from 1.2 to 1.35 volts)
default DDR4-3000 (PC4-24000)
timings CAS Latency (CL) 16
  RAS-to-CAS Delay (tRCD) 18
  RAS precharge time (t RP) 18
  Row Active Time (t RAS) 38
feature XMP 2.0
Further information DDR4 is the further development of DDR3 and offers over the predecessor a number of innovations and advantages such as up to 40% lower energy consumption, higher speeds, higher data density (allows storage modules with a capacity of up to 128 GB, the future up to 512 GB), as well as improved stability in operation by advanced error correction techniques such as CRC (Cyclic Redundancy check), CMD / ADD (on-chip parity detection) and "Per DRAM address Ability".
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