DJI Mavic Pro Platinum

DJI Mavic Pro Platinum

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The DJI Mavic Pro Platinum has a sleek and compact design. She is a little while incredibly powerful drone of DJI. It transforms the sky into a playground and help at any moment's play at high altitudes hold. The compact size and the high degree of complexity make it one of the most advanced flying cameras that DJI has ever developed. 24 high-performance processors, a completely new communication system having 4 km range, 4 vision sensors and a 4K UHD camera, stabilized by a mechanical 3-axis gimbal, are by fingertips. The images can be recorded by up to 64 GB Micro-SD card. The Platinum version has a noise reduction and improved flight time. New sinusoidal speed controller (ESC) and propeller type 8331 reduce the noise during the flight by up to 4 dB (60%) and extend beyond the flight time up to 30 minutes. The propellers of the type 8331 have a brand new aerodynamic design which greatly reduced the noise level. The new speed controller (ESC) with sinusoidal current provide improved stability.



Item No. 1SRDM002 
Manufacturer Part No .: CP.PT.00000075.01 
EAN: 6958265152870

kind drone
colour silver
EAN 6958265152870
Manufacturer no. CP.PT.00000075.01
Recommended age from 18 years
material plastic
use Photo / video recordings
Altitude / reach 4000 meters
speed 65 km / h
commitment Outdoor
model details Maximum Climb: 5 m / s, the maximum descent: 3 m / s
Remote control Remote control with smartphone / tablet support (6.5 to 8.5 mm thickness, 160 mm length), Video Output Port: Lightning, Micro-USB, type B, type C
connection 2.4 GHz
system requirements App: iOS 8.0 or higher, Android 4.1.2 or later
power supply model Type 1x lithium polymer battery
    capacity 3830 mAh
    tension 11.4 volts
    flight time 30 minutes
    charging station 13.05 volts
  Remote control Type 1x lithium polymer battery
    capacity 2970 mAh
    tension 3.7 volt
Note User Note: If behind the drones use a commercial-and motivated aspect or the weight of the drone exceed 5 kg, a rise of approval is absolutely necessary. Drones must not penetrate into areas that may be protected by special law requirements and therefore not flown, otherwise a Direction is located near the airport, military base, densely built-up settlements, crowds or in isolated cities larger areas. Furthermore, recordings and personal rights of people to be observed as well as with a handheld camera.
feature 4K UHD camera: 4K UHD recording (up to 30 fps), Full HD (up to 96 fps), field of view 78.8 °, 26 mm, 12.35 megapixel - 1 / 2.3 "CMOS; Video Format: MP4 / MOV (AVC / H.264)
More information Max. Transmission range over Wi-Fi: 80 m (distance), 50 m (height) (without obstacles and interference);Max. Speed ​​over Wi-Fi: 14 km / h
equipment available Remote Control, Intelligent Flight Battery, battery charger, power cord, four propellers couple 3 RC cable, Gimbal protection, gimbal clamp, microSD card (16GB), micro USB cable, 4 RC cable slider
mass model 743 grams
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